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"In the heart of the desert, far from civilization,
the sky is full of stars. I feel like the radiating heat
creates energy that fills my veins, pulsates under my skin,
and awakens my senses." ~ In the Heart of the Desert


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"The Singing Sands":

Saint Joseph, Michigan


“The space…silence…darkness….light…atoms,” the calm monotonous voice guides me in my “personal journey of self-discovery” within the four tall white walls of the smallest room at Krasl Art Center. What does every single word trigger inside of me? Love, family, children, laughter, freedom…the memories were pouring back against my willingness to give in to them. Each of these small words was powerful in the dark room, lighted only by shimmering beams of white light. The ingenious artist who had arranged the modernistic constellation of silver sheets, mirrors, and glowing planets had, for a second, achieved her goal. I felt like I was another small planet floating independently, away from her orbit..."

“The Afternoon Reflections among Nymphéas”:

Chain O’Lakes, Albion, Indiana

"The water lilies are a pure personification of Claude Monet’s vision of the nymphéas, flowers so delicate as if just made by the tree fairies out of the clouds and sunrays. I allow myself a moment of silence, which is broken only by the sound of our paddles stroking the unperturbed surface of the waters, the hiss of the water lilies’ large ripe leaves and long stalks colliding with each other as they twist and coil around us, and the early afternoon call of the warbler in the nearby willows..."

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